Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Do I need to know how to code in order to publish content on my new site? No. If you’re comfortable using MS Word, then you can edit your site on your own. National will train you or your staff to edit your site. This usually takes just a few hours, over video conference. Plus, National will provide re-training to your team, as needed.
  2. Will online donations go to my chapter or National? All online donations will go directly to your chapter. The funds do not pass through National.
  3. Will newsletter sign-ups, job applications, or other data that users enter to the site go to my chapter or National? Your chapter’s data is your chapter’s data. Any data that users enter into your form, goes directly to your chapter. Plus, we’ll integrate the website into the databases or systems that your chapter currently uses. That way, if someone submits a job application online, the data will flow into your existing HR database.
  4. Will the site integrate with my chapter’s existing databases and payment processing services? The site is designed to integrate with all major databases and payment processing services. National’s team will consult with the relevant staff on your chapter to integrate the site with your existing databases and services.
  5. Can National feed policy and other news into my site, if I choose? Yes. National will produce content related to national policy and other national news, which your chapter can choose to publish in your site, if you like.
  6. Can I continue to use my existing domain? Yes.
  7. Do I have to include every feature that the site provides? No. Your chapter can choose to include only the features that matter to you.
  8. What if I want new features, that are not currently part of the site? Just ask. National will change or create simple features at no charge. If your chapter would like complicated new features, then National will estimate the costs for developing them. Also, National will invite other chapters to invest in the any costly features that you’d like, in order to spread the cost across other chapters who may also want those features.
  9. Why is the one-time setup fee a range between $1,500 and $2,500? Chapters differ in the amount of support they need for migrating content. And, some chapters need extra help to integrate their new site with their existing databases or other systems. Early in the process, before you commit to anything, National will assess your needs and determine your chapter’s exact one-time setup fee, so you can decide whether to go forward.
  10. Who is behind this? This service is provided by The Arc’s national office. We have grown our web team and enlisted the services of 3rd party vendors to provide chapters with top-notch web services at a low cost.
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